Yesterday the NRC wrote a heavy article about the Dutch Game Industry; title was like “no success, no work“. I was surprised it made the front page of this newspaper.

Altough I do think that the numbers were too bright, I still believe more nuance could have been used. For example in the last 10 years the game industry has changed rapidly from download to cloud, from paying for games to free to play, from only computer to devices all over the place. Not only developing changed, but als how to market your game. Not only is it important today how your game looks like, plays well, but what is important is that you have that bit of “luck”. Timing is crucial, your target audience is ready to try and stick with the game. UI, UA, Retention etc etc.. You are being swamped with it these days.

I see schools like NHTV and Fontys realy trying to follow the international games industry and ensuring this way to give their students not only a “diploma” but also a reasonable chance to get a job.

Still like with many start up’s (tech, gaming etc) it is difficult to raise money. I point this out in my blog earlier this week. I have been lucky to be able to raise money in the past with several dutch companies SpilGames, iQU, Tinyloot, GetSocial, Creel and recently CloudGames. It is all about having a network of people that can advice, support and introduce. Trust me, you need it. It is everyone’s dream to start from your bedroom, but in all honesty you need to follow the industry, the trends and forecasts in order to “move/steer” your company in a way that can potentialy lead to success.

It is why I was upset that Casual Connect moved from Amsterdam to Hamburg, but hey; they are back. 2000+ people coming to Amsterdam. Go visit this super game event, talk to other game developers and feel the vibe. Learn from the presentations that are being given, network with people like investors and publishers and learn from the experiences that other developers have. Maybe that way the dutch game industry can become a billion dollar industry.

My hope is that the Dutch Government will look at Tekes in Finland and together with key stake holders in dutch game space, like DGA and DGG, get at one round table to discuss how Holland can rise too! #wish #2016

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