I get this question more often, then I want. Today loads of games are being developed. More then I think we all should. All of these games go after similar targetted audiences across our globe. Opportunistic thinking of lots of developers that think that “their” game will make it out there. The fact is, its not!

Through time I have created my own opinion(s) on how to start a gaming studio, the roadmap and the execution on it. Key elements are bringing creative and commercial expertise(s) together. Things like fail fast are part of this too. Game development time should not be too long. Early testing, followed by soft-launch and using the tools that are out there are crucial. Yes, I know, everyone is being spammed with requests to integrate their SDK’s. Well, do your home work in time. Strategize internaly what you expect of certain integrations and reference those KPI’s with the test results.

In any case next week during Casual Connect in Amsterdam, you can talk to one of those companies that I did set up in Holland, that adress;

  1. Social Engagement/Community and Smart Invites; GetSocial
  2. Soft Launch Strategy/Consulting; MobilizeMyGame
  3. Running Performance Marketing; iQU
  4. Getting Millions of EyeBalls Before Converting To Native; CloudGames

Now the last one, is interesting. In short, GetSocial is almost ready with smart invites for HTML5 games. MobilizeMyGame can assist CloudGames with development of a HTML5-mini game (as we call it) from your native (iOS/Android) game. First get all the eyeballs then start cross promoting to Native. My bet? Better retentions, more intense game play, more involved community for your game (HTML5/Native areas), more engagement….leads to increasing revenues/LTV.

Quess a lot of good can come from Holland. Game Distribution, Game Marketing, Game Data, well, something I was saying back in 2005…yes, a decade ago. If only….

Update 14:00PM

BTW Completely forgot; Last month I did draw. I like to drawe. What I explain here above, I did draw. Looked like this;


PG London

PG London

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